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tv   [untitled]    July 18, 2014 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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councilmember johnson. commissioner moore. commissioner sugaya and commissioner president wu. so moved, commissioners, that motion passes 6 to zero and places you under your consent calendar all matter listed are considered to be routine may be acted upon by a single roll call vote of the commission. there will be no separate discussion of these items there will be no separate discussion of these items of the commission, the public, or staff so requests removed from the consent calendar and considered as a separate item at this or a future hearing. . item 2 case 2013 c at 836 irving street request for conditional use there are no speaker cards. is there any public comment on item 2 >> (inaudible).
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>> the consent calendar seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner antonini. move to approve item 2 >> second. >> commissioners there is a motion and a second with that commissioner antonini. commissioner hillis. councilmember johnson. commissioner moore. commissioner sugaya. commissioner president wu. so moved, commissioners, that motion passes that motion passes 6 to zero that place you under commission matters >> i want to welcome commissioner johnson we look forward to working with you. commissioner moore >> welcome commissioner johnson i want to tell you a story which
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i hope inspires director ram to do the same. i read something in the paper that made me laugh supervisor farrell sponsored a scholarship two scholarships each a thousand dollars for students for the san francisco state university to find outdated city laws i'm sure that mr. sanchez will find this people came forward with the minimum wage, however, supervisor farrell choice two students who identified two very, very funny laws one that allows people to keep cows on private laws and all congratulations to provide separate restrooms for men and
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women i'm encouraging director ram with some of the students to perhaps sponsor ongoing investigations commissioner johnson >> i'm happy to be here and it's nice to meet you all some people i met 5 minutes ago and i'm excited to be here. >> commissioner antonini. >> i'd like to also welcome commissioner johnson and looking forward to working with her. i was asked to speak before the northeast business association last night it is a interested group they raised a question i want to bring to your attention it's one of the things the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing one of the sprorpz has a pdr property she was
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concerned her property on 16 street between harrison and fulton which most of the properties are pdr properties there's a plan to eliminate parking on the side of the side where the pdr businesses are if that happens they'll basically be out of business because they are not ambition eligible enough to have he loading he zones and the customers have to bring their goods to the businesses and the supplies they need to produce their products so i think no decision has been made but they're trying to 4 a transit lane down 16 but one of the choices is to eliminate the traffic lanes and another the
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lanes they said yell zones are not enough because the customers are not necessarily commercial vehicles so 38 they will be unable to use the lanes so mta considers the nature of the businesses where they maybe thinking of eliminating parking from transit. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further department matters item 4 directors announcements. >> thank you good afternoon, commissioners i want to welcome commissioner johnson on behalf of the department that, please call on us to understand the very lengthy i complex processes we have we'll try to minimize the amount of paper.
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commissioners i'm to introduce our interims here in the audience we have 19 interims this summer and many are here i'll ask you to stand up not all 19 of you are here we don't have time to go into the backgrounds but i'll give you the names. senate file i can't and melissa and nicole jones and andrew and justin and curby olsen and a mile-an-hour and johnny,es he mettled and denver e devon and maria and adidas tang i believe your arrest here for a 10 week
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summer program we welcome you and look forward to working with you and make a moment to thank 89 i can't organizer of the are internship and has done a fantastic job in organizing this and training the interims giving them a range of experience so we welcome you for the summer >> welcome. >> item 5 review of past events at board of supervisors the board of appeals and the historic preservation. >> good afternoon aaron starr at had this week's planning committee we had an informational policy sponsored by supervisor campos it will amend the in take procedures to
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get an application if the project sponsor of at least 10 dwelling units about internal policies that discriminate against the lgbt community it was heard and the commission voted for approval. public comment at the land use hearing note that the lgbt community continues to phase discrimination and emphasis the data that will be collected as a sunlight of the process. the supervisors decision was brief only supervisor wiener commented he noted the proposed ordinance provides common sense information and it was approved and sent off to the full board. at full board this week this week the dwelling bonus for
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affordable housing sponsored by supervisor wiener supervisor cohen and supervisor kim passed its second reading and the ordinance sponsored by the mayor passed its second reading and the planning amendments for the schlage lock was on the agenda to implement the visitation at schlage lock that was under the jurisdiction of the agencies and it was recommend for approval at the land use forwarding with recommendation. this item passes on the first reading as amended it includes an amendment was effective and the general ordinance was not effective until the planning code become effective on the agenda was the establishing the
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transbay community supported by the mayor and supervisor kim the board unanimously plaza passed it a resolution of intent establishing the transit and a debtness to $1.4 billion this was the first of 3 legislation actions and about be forwarded in december. at the board we have the recreation open space development that received its second reading and supervisor avalos joined supervisor yee and supervisor campos voting no, but the rose passed on the final read and supervisor avalos didn't explain why he changed his vote. we have the interim zoning for office conversion and pdr one g and 2 districts for the controls for an 18 month period and
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passed. that he finally at the board information we have the anti discrimination policies that i mentioned at the land use and that also passed its first reading we had two introductions a moratorium on the institutional uses of the university neighborhood it was supported by supervisor campos it's an emergency ordinance for the moratorium on changes of a portion of the university neighborhood bound by highway 280. it's for 45 days this was referred to the next board hearing for immediate adaptation. we have the planning code controls that is for the business signage by supervisor wiener and supervisor chiu it imposes controls to have the
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definition of the planning code section 602 that it was also part of the northeast ordinance which is still still moving through the process but i think they felt it was important to do an interim that concludes my report. if you have any questions i'm available >> thank you and the board of appeals met a jurisdiction request for 399 fremont street that the planning commission approved several times over the years with extension a 42 story building and the jurisdiction request was submitted by project sponsor and so there was a dispute regarding the fees that were calculated for the impact fees the permit was issued last june and under the code you pay the fees that are in effect at
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the time of the document and annually on january 1st so the fees increased last year, it was 32 million and change and a so the jurisdiction requests because they disputed that we should be indexing that and there is a lawsuit against the city another item is on point street which i think was an interesting issue in appeal to note that the permit was going from 2 dwelling unit to 3 dwelling units on the permit this caused confusion the neighbors you thought it was allowing the illegal unit here but under the planning code houses keeping units are dwelling units to no change for
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the public for the housekeeping it is considered a illegal and the board allowed the permit to continue and on 405 tenth street this was for a double application that allows the recycling center this permit was issued in error on the valley industrial light district that requires notification to the community so we suspended that for the notice for the permit holder appealed this they made sizeable investments and the board found that it was in error and upheld the suspension request they want to see how to proceed nervous.
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they'll >> next week one thing of interest an appeal for ocean avenue and that was appealed by the project sponsor for the case that was before us so the results for you next week if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them. >> commissioner antonini. mr. sanchez a question on fremont i didn't understand the argument it sound the fee is based on when the project was first pulled for construction and clearly in this collared year what are they challenging >> that's an excellent question laughing. >> we think the code is very clear. >> okay. thank you. >> good afternoon commissioner president wu and members of the commission tina from the planning department i'm here to present the report at the
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architecture review commissioning committee on wednesday july 16th they commented on the that respect changes to 50 sale street there are article 11 of the planning code constructed in 1931 is a l-shaped colonial building at the hearing ar c agreed with the planning staff to be consistent and comparable with the historic building and property they commented on the design and material for the new doors and windows new ramp and playground the project needs a major permit schedule before the ar c in the future. also on the 16th of july was the
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element the second reading of the draft element for the h cc they focused on the objective for the 6 a subsequent hearing on august 20th to talk about those. please note the hearing will be followed by other meetings for stockholders and revised by the planning department before they conduct their environmental review. upon completing of the environmental review the document will be presented before the h cc and the planning commission for endorsement. the adaptation of the element by the board of supervisors is anticipated to take place in 2015. the second item on the calendar was the national registration on van la street also known as as
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the bureau house located in the area between franklin and gross. it is the empire style it was commissions by ethel burr a chemical engineer and the property includes two other buildings a cottage and a one story ate garage it is known to the city as the lambert 31 as recommended by itself staff they adapted it to recommend to the state office to list the property on the national register come pricing the one building and the garden that concludes my report. >> thank you. commissioners that places you us
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on general public comment not to exceed 15 minutes. at this time, members of the public may address the commission on items of interest to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission except agenda items. with respect to agenda items, your opportunity to address the commission will be afforded when the item is reached in the meeting. each member of the public may there are no speaker cards >> is there any general public comment. seeing none, general public comment is closed. commissioners that places us on the regular calendar item 6. expanding formula retail control an informational presentation. >> good afternoon commissioner president wu and members of the commission and staff. i'd like to acknowledge
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supervisor mar and thank you for being here. the item before you is for formula retail and the chief environmentalist will present his study. supervisor mar will be able to respond to the study we apologize this couldn't be heard with the other two formula retail items we appreciate the items being scheduled for the doctor to attend as the two ordinances will be heard we ask the comments and questions be focused on the economic impacts only please reserve your comments and the two owners for the public comment period later today i'm going to turn it over to dr. egging began and
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supervisor mar will respond >> good afternoon. i'm ted the chief visit in the controller's office several months ago our office issued an victim of crime impact report for the changes of the formula retail controls that was introduced by supervisor mar. i'm happy to discuss our findings of that report i'm going to briefly go over some of our main finding and our approach to the formula retail and i'll leave time for questions. essentially our office determined this might have economic impact on the city because it expands the definition of formula retail controls in a way that limits the ability of a formula retail to open in the city in specific ways. we are now suggesting there are 5 ways in which formula retail
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and non-formula retail might effect the san francisco economy could have a different effects. the first is in consumer prices the question of wloor there's a difference if what consumers pay for the same item if solid from a formula retail or non-formula retail the second is the spending in the local xhig economy per directing of review there's anecdotal evidence and quantify evidence that locally owned have advantages and that's one of the things to investigate we want to do investigate the question of an employment effect f per directing that the formula retail hired fewer people we wanted to look at the impact on
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commercial rents and whether or not there was a case in terms of by limiting formula retail do you reduce the commercial rents that has a broad impact on the city and finally, there's the impact of formula retail for the perception of the neighborhood quality and the premium people pay for living in our neighborhoods going through the list of 5 we were able to gather evidence open 3 of them and look at the question of prices and what are the prices derivatives between formula retail and non-formula i'll talk about that we were able to get some data on spending and how much spending a typical small retailer versus a larger retails has on supplies some are local and in most cases
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local so we felt it was some information on the aspect of the question person able to get information on employment per directing of sales by large and small retailers to get at the question of by rooith formula retail are you promoting or sdurmg employment in the city. we were not able to get the that he receptions on naked quality but the latter one is very important and should be something that people consider when they regulate formula retail in the city. we simply don't have the ability how much more does the same house cost in a neighborhood that didn't have a chain stores versus ones that do and someday in the future we'll have that but not now. let me talk about the information that we do have and
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how this led to the climax we've reached. i want to say first of all, side study that people do it shows what can contribute and we were able to put resources to him i hope the research we did adds to the city's knowledge based on it formula retail or wouldn't say that the work done is the last work done but we felt it was particularly important to get information on prices there wasn't any information on the city's debate about this over the years over and over the boarder literature do consumers pay a premium if their chain store is not available we took a
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standard list of commodities and we went shopping at formula retails and looking at the same thing and had a wide variety of prices and expensive formula retails. there are some types of formula retails on our list is an 18 ounce of cracker oats it's easy to find the price and talking about apparel it's hardly to go to a dress store how much difference is that blue dress and hard to go to a restaurant and compare the dinners. you could say the price at a dinner is more but you're not
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comparing the same thing so it's hard to make a judgment but when i have retailers in the food and personal products space that are personally selling products not produced in san francisco and have different prices that shows on facebook efficiency that consumers pay for. in our research about 5 hundred of those pricing was there is a difference a significant difference we felt between the prices that consumers pay for place versus formula retail and number one formula retails one of the effects is raising the prices that consumers pay that's one of the 5 items we are able to look at. the second how much do local versus formula retail spend in
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the local economy we find consensus data we didn't do any survey but that's ripe for future research but the consensus bureau issued different economic status for single establishment firms versus multi establishment firms. there's some fairly aggregate data on how much those businesses spend open different types of supplies in adhere report we suggest that certain of those supplies are clearly local and we conclude the smaller stores are less likely to spend money on local supplies so we have a trade off forming that laid the basis for our conclusion on the other hand, you have a slithering different spending to keep the local
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dollars local but you have a price effect 0 both of those things go to the economic impact if the prices are higher and consumers spending more money for items in a store they have lass less to spend it's like taking money out of the economy in the same way that formula retail leaks spending out to they are corporation hacked is an economic loss to the city. those are two things we were able to say something about on the question of employment we looked at it and didn't find any systematic thing we have no conclusion on that. and the issue about commercial rent that may be true that
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commercial rents are slithering lowered by not having formula retail we didn't think f that was clear because we don't know how much rent circulates in the city. if there's a lack of creates a vacancy in which it is making the neighborhood less attractive but if the rents are lower because there's no formula retail that didn't have an economic go impact that goes beyond the property owner so that leads us to the fifth issue again, we're not able to get the numbers the question how formula retail focuses the neighborhood the formula retail amongst the population is not direct evidencet